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MOUSE began on the 1st January 2014. For each day that year a drawing was made in a diary using a ballpoint pen attached to a computer mouse. To fully realise the project the drawings have been re-presented in the form of an artists' book. An edition of 10 has been published, each authenticated with a performed drawing using the same process.

The mouse-pen assemblage serves as a bodily connection with a technology; a link between one's actions and a machine. It becomes an instrument serving to implement and record by transcribing real-time gestures in an activity that is both commodity and production process. The digital and handmade co-exist; entities in symbiosis.

A diary is a personal artefact, conventionally taken as a record of events and emotional experience. Technology is conversely considered to be detached from emotion and bodily expression. By bringing these positions together a new space is created.

An edition of 10 published 2016.

Aquired by Drawing Room, London | Franklin Furnace Artists' Book Research Resource, Brooklyn | Getty Research Institute | Lafayette College, Pennsylvania | MoMA / Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection, New York | The Sackner Archive of Concrete & Visual Poetry, Miami | University of Miami / Otto G. Richter Library, Florida | Winchester School of Art.

Book design by Darren Marsh
Dimensions 30cm x 21.5 x 3cm, 374 pages
Foil blocked Wibalin cover
Evolution uncoated 120gsm recycled paper
Digitally Printed on HP Indigo Press in the UK

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© Darren Marsh MOUSE cover detail
© Darren Marsh MOUSE drawing detail
© Darren Marsh MOUSE book
© Darren Marsh MOUSE book
© Darren Marsh MOUSE book
© Darren Marsh MOUSE book
© Darren Marsh MOUSE book